|| DukeMedNews || Summer is one of the peak periods for children to be taken to the emergency room.

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If this summer is like summers past, children will be rushed to emergency rooms in the U.S. nearly threemillion times for serious preventable injuries. Of that number, some 6,000 will die and more than 100,000 will be permanently disabled. Preventable injuries are the leading killer of children 14 and under. As part of a nationwide effort to prevent those injuries, this week has been designated “National Safe Kids Week.” Local organizations around the country will be holding classes and making presentations to educate parents and kids on the most dangerous activities and how to avoid injuries. Duke University Hospital ER nurse Teresa Cromling says parents and children might think of summer as the season for fun, but she and her colleagues call it trauma season.

“Children are outside more frequently without adult supervision, and they have more time on their hands. Parents are still going to work and doing the things that they do when the children are in school.”

Cromling says the number-one cause of childhood injuries regardless of the season is motor vehicles. Whether inside the vehicle or outside, children require special attention and care. I’m Tom Britt.

Cromling says summer is the time when children get outdoors to explore and experiment, often without adult supervision.

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“The five biggest summer risks would be risks that involve riding in a car, swimming, playing on wheeled play objects like scooters and bikes, walking safely as well as playing safely both outdoors and indoors.”