|| DukeMedNews || Shoes can cause Foot Pain

Suggested lead: Your waistline isn’t the only thing that tends to get larger as you get older. Tom Britt has more.

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You might be thinking that the reason your feet hurt more these days is just a sign of getting older, and in a way that’s true. Because as you get older, your feet are probably getting bigger. Dr. Larry Wu in the Department of Family Medicine at Duke University Medical Center says it’s a natural part of aging.

“Your shoe size ordinarily gets larger as you get older. For women it is especially a problem after they’ve borne children. So getting your feet re-measured every other year and especially after you’ve had children, is important.”

Dr. Wu also offers some advice for anyone, young or old, looking for shoes. Shop for shoes in the evening, because your foot grows an extra five percent during the day. And above all, avoid shoes with narrow toes. Most people, he says, have feet shaped like a duck’s, and trying to fit them into narrow shoes leads to persistent problems with foot pain. I’m Tom Britt.

Dr. Wu says the normal foot shape is the opposite of the configuration of most shoes.

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“The normal foot has somewhat of a narrow heel and a very wide forefoot. Most feet have toes that splay out like a duck’s foot does.”