|| DukeMedNews || Making Plans for Cold Weather

Suggested lead: As the weather starts to turn cooler, it’s a good time to make plans for indoor exercise this winter. Tom Britt has more.

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We all have a tendency to put on weight during the cold months of the year. Terry Brownlee is a nutritionist with Duke University Medical Center. She says a lot of people think fruits and vegetables taste better during the spring and summer, and leave them out of their diet during the winter. Others who spend a lot of time outdoors during the warm weather become indoor people when it turns cold. Brownlee says the best thing you can do for yourself and your weight is to think ahead, and make plans for activities you can do indoors.

“The biggest thing, I think, is related to activity and making sure that even if it’s cold outside or it’s rainy or sleet is coming down that you have a back-up plan for how to do exercise.”

For instance, Brownlee says if you’re a walker, find a mall, a treadmill or an indoor track where you can continue getting that exercise. And whatever you do, says Brownlee, don’t simply try to hide that extra weight under a big sweater, telling yourself you’ll lose it come spring. I’m Tom Britt.

Brownlee says a lot of us simply try to hide the extra winter weight under layers of clothing.

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“The weather decreases activity level. We tend to stay inside more. And then I hear a lot of women especially who tell me, ‘Oh, but during the winter time I can hide it under a big sweater.’ So we get a little more comfortable during the winter time.”